Fredo Santana and Lil Bibby React To Malia Obama Smoking Marijuana With Chance The Rapper’s Brother

It’s always the good girls that get out of their body once they get out of the house. Malia Obama got to enjoy a bit of her freedom when attending Lollapalooza with her friends last week.

Malia even got meet up with some of her favorite musicians, including Chance The Rapper’s brother, Taylor Bennet, and Bryson Tiller. But that’s not only thing she did.

Malia was caught in the cell phone camera footage smoking marijuana alongside Taylor Bennet.

Malia caught a bit of flack for her actions, but Lil Bibby and Fredo Santana came to her defense.

Fredo took to Twitter, writing, “Malia I got the gas if u ever tryna smoke weed on me.”

Bibby told the haters to let Malia be on his IG account.

He posted an image of Malia smoking a joint with a caption, reading, “Man Leave her alone! Everybody smoke weed, if that was my daughter and I was the President she would be able to do whatever she wants. Y’all tripping.”

Footage of Malia smoking was given to Radar Online courtesy of Jerrdin Selwyn.

“I caught Malia smoking pot and I have the pictures to prove it,” Selwyn said. “You could smell the marijuana smoke. I saw some young guy hand her a cigarette and she took at least one hit on it. She had it in her hand for about one minute, then gave it back to him.”

Marijuana was recently decriminalized in Illinois, according to the New York Post.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill into law this month that removes criminal penalties for those found in possession of 10 grams of marijuana or less.