Former NBA Player Isaiah Rider Calls Jamie Rohrs a ‘Coward’

Former NBA star Isaiah Rider and wife Vanessa have set up a campaign fund for 19-year-old Jarell Brooks, a teen who saved young woman and her two children during a Colorado theater shooting massacre.

But the Riders are not hesitant to call out Jamie Rohrs, the boyfriend and father of the victims whom Brooks saved. Rohrs, 24, dropped his baby on the floor before fleeing the theater and driving away.

Isaiah Rider took to Twitter offer a few choice words for Rohrs.

“My wife told me about this coward who left his family for dead & then about the hero Jarell Brooks who helped them to safety,” he tweeted. “Big ups to you.”

On the Riders’ campaign website for Brooks, Vanessa wrote she was “disgusted” after reading about Rohrs dropping his 4-month-old son on the floor and fleeing to safety. Vanessa considered Rohrs to be “fake crying” during his interview on CNN.

“I didn’t understand how a man, a father could just run out on his family, leaving them in harms way,” she wrote. “Then I slept on it, and was glad that to know there were others that felt the same as I did about this COWARD.”

The Riders have raised $3,465 thus far for Brooks’ campaign. They have a campaign goal of $10,000 to help with Brooks’ hospital bills and college tuition for the fall.

To donate to Brooks’ fund, click here.