Former Gay Adult Film Star Allowed to Teach After Being Fired

A one-time gay adult film star will be able to resume his position as a teacher after he was fired for his past work experience. Shawn Loftis, whose p— name wass “Collin O’Neal,” was a substitute teacher in Florida before he was fired.

Loftis has now been permitted to teach and apply for a permanent position as an educator. A principle discovered the former p— star’s work on a website.

Loftis commended the Florida Education Practices Commission’s decision to overrule his termination. “This is my past and I left it behind,” he told LA Weekly, noting that his work as a p— actor and director was not illegal. “I can use my experiences in life to teach kids. The key point is that they said when you go back to the classroom and a student brings this up to you, you will be able to handle that. I thought that was highly progressive of them.”

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