Fetty Wap Wears Leggings

Fetty Wap is increasingly becoming known for his eccentric fashion choices. The New Jersey native caught social media’s attention Tuesday after he was shown wearing red leggings, Jordans and a ripped t-shirt inside a clothing store with associates.

Fetty Wap recently was the topic of discussion after he paid $4,000 for dreadlocks.

Fetty wasn’t safe from the criticism that was to come. A young boy made his way to Fetty’s video shoot to criticize his dreads

“What the f*ck is in your head!?” the boy said. “What’s wrong with you boy!?”

Fetty Wap told fans to stop worrying about his dreads.

Fetty posted an image onto IG of himself sleeping with $100 bills.

“Dreamin bout the money ….& ya still on my hair lol,” the caption on his post read.

The New Jersey rapper was happy about his new look.

“I look like a whole new person lol .. I love em,” he wrote on Twitter.

Fetty even rocked his new look out in traffic.

“@stackz_out in the cut turnin up with the Zoo #ZooGodz,” the caption on his IG post read.

Fetty posted a twitter post by a fan who revealed he paid $4,000 for his new look onto his IG account.

She wrote, “@fettywap hair cost $4k, okayyy now he bout to sh*tt on ya n*ggas thas $100 a dread.”

Fetty wrote in his caption, “Ouch ! Lol”