FBG Duck Comments On RondoNumbaNine’s First-Degree Murder Charge

A record deal was no longer a dream, but a growing reality for South Side Chicago rapper RondoNumbaNine.

Rondo was no longer an up next artist. He transformed into an up now MC.

He even spoke it into existence.

In “Get Sum Gwop,” RondoNumbaNine raps, “Since they killed my homie, I been tryna pop/A deal on the way a n***a can’t flop RondoNumbaNine.”

In “Life Of A Savage” Remix, Rondo raps, “Gotta go hard for my bro L’A, gotta get a deal, no I can’t wait/Gotta see a mil, right now this day.”

Rondo’s career was traveling way above the speed limit and looked to show no signs of slowing down until the budding MC was arrested and charged in the Feb. 22 shooting death of 28-year-old delivery driver Javan Boyd.

RondoNumbaNine is now fighting the battle of his life for his life following news of his first-degree murder charge. The charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. He is being held on $2 million bail.

FBG Duck of Chicago rap group Fly Boy Gang commented on Rondo’s current legal woes, writing, “RhondoNumbaNine Signed A Record Deal Wit Cook County Records For 2Million Dollars Lol #DAMN.”

Rondo’s quick fall from a promising rap career is nothing short of tragic. Rondo made several trips to New York City and networked with some of the top names in Hip Hop.

Meek Mill took Rondo under his wing.

Meek posted a photograph of himself with the “Life Of A Savage” rapper to his IG.

“#chitown @rondo600savage,” the caption on the photo read.

Meek invited Rondo onstage during a recent performance of his song “Dreams & Nightmares Intro.”

Rondo recounted the live experience a “motivation.”

Rondo previously attended a studio session with Meek Mill and caught the Philly rapper laying down some tracks.

“Studio @meekmill,” the caption on Rondo’s IG post read.

Lil Durk’s young protégé even knows Meek on a personal level as the two found time to face time.

“Real N—– #FuckDemFake #FuckinAroundOnFacetime,” Rondo wrote on his IG post.

Rondo received a huge boost of clout after Meek name-dropped him in YG’s “My N*gga” Remix.

“You catch me out Chicago with them motherf*ckin hittas/Call in RondoNumbaNine, Lil Durk will bring the trigger,” Meek raps.

Rondo’s grind caught the attention of Young Jeezy.

Snow Man took to Twitter to shout out the “Play For Keeps” rapper.

“@RondoNumbaNine I c u homie, keep grindin! Chicago stand up!” he wrote.

Rondo responded, “@YoungJeezy salute bro f— with me #Realniggas.”

Rondo even IG’d Jeezy’s tweet with a caption, reading, “Turn up s/O @youngjeezy fwm.”

Rondo might’ve diverted his current predicament if he just paid attention to the signs forewarning him to be more cautious of his actions.

Rondo lost two close friends to the gun in September 2013.

L’A Capone, born Leonard Anderson, was shot and killed Sept. 26 upon leaving a recording studio. He was 17.

Jerome Wood, known to friends and family as “J Money,” died after suffering a gunshot wound to the head Monday afternoon in the West Woodlawn neighborhood, according to Chicago Tribune. He was 21.

Rondo was thrust into national spotlight in early January after multiple media outlets ran stories of him holding a rocket launcher.

The Crime Control Strategies Deployment Operations Center: 003rd District Gang Violence division published a safety bulletin with Rondo’s photo.

Rondo went on to refute the authenticity of the alleged weapon and proclaim his innocence.

“On Dthang Dat Rocket launcher Publicity S— FuFu Asl! Who Tf Will Do Sum with A F—– Rocket Laucher!! U Gotta Be Da Dumbest Mf!! #Wtf” he wrote.

Rondo further proclaimed his innocence in several more posts:

“On Steve turn y’all f—— goofy down!! Get on sum real s—!!!!” he wrote in IG.

“It Seem Like Since I Start Going Crazy A lot Of Fu S— Been Happening But It Ain’t Im A Boss N—- #RealNiggaSaluteMe,” he added.

Rondo then quoted a line from Lil Durk’s “Dis Ain’t What U Want”

“In My Own City Dey Hate On Me Put Weight On Me!!!” he wrote.

Rondo went on to slam the media and police.

“Lol Ion Even Respond To Da Foolishness!!! My Fans Are So Funny N Da Media To It Doesn’t Make No Sense!!

“F— 12,” he wrote.

The last sign before Rondo’s arrest was the death of close friend Deonta Mackey.

Mackey, 16, was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer in a Feb. 11 attempted car jacking.

Rondo took to IG to remember Mackey.

“Rip dat Li n*gga Mackey man dat was my n*gga man he was letting clown a– n*gga control his mind doe #S*itBeCrazy #myn*gga,” the caption on the post read.

Another photo surfaced online showing the two as small children.

The young man simply known to friends as “Mackey” made a cameo appearance in Rondo’s “Hang Wit Me” remix.

Rondo’s next hearing is scheduled for March 28. Rondo is presumed innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

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