FBG Duck and FYB J Mane Pay Tribute To Lost Friends In ‘My Homies’ Music Video

FBG Duck and FYB J Mane linked up for a new hot record. Duck and J Mane remember lost friends in song “My Homie,” a Ramsay Tha Great production. Dada Creative captured Duck and J Mane reminiscing about their fallen comrades in a cemetery.

J Mane opens this record, rapping, “When I got that f*cking call, it was Dec. 17/they said Archie faced down on the f*cking concrete/Got my mind traumatized and at night I can’t sleep.”

Duck, who handles the hook on this record, follows J Mane, rapping, “A lot of n*ggas phonies, they is not my real homies, so I’m riding with it on me.”

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