FBG Duck and Billionaire Black Are Bout That ‘Clout Life’ (Mixtape Review)

The Clout Life isn’t an experience most folks can attain. Clout Life for FBG Duck and Billionaire Black isn’t a little fun fad. It’s a lifestyle. They live and breathe it. For others to enjoy the luxuries of the Clout, they must follow the blueprint of Duck and Billion. The two FBG Clout Boys teach listeners how to Clout Up in their first ever collaborative mixtape “Clout Life,” hosted by DJ Cortez, DJ Shon, DJ Suspence, DJ Amaris and DJ Legacy.

First level of having clout is engaging in a ménage a trois with two bad women. Only a fraction of male society has been able to accomplish this difficult feat. FBG Duck and Billionaire Black happen to be alpha males of their league and describe the experience in song “2 B*tches.”

FBG Duck is mesmerized by his experience with two thotianas.

“Yeah, I done seen a lot of sh-t before, but this sh-t right very exciting/Two b-tches wanna have a threesome and I’m the one who got invited,” he raps in this Ramsay Tha Great song.

Billion alluded to being involved in the act via a social media post.

When one has clout, others are mindful of the words said around him. It’s best to watch your tongue around FBG Duck and Billionaire Black. If this occurs, a clouted individual handles the matter accordingly.

In the case of song “F*ck You Say?” alleged talk of sneak dissing got back to the Clout Boys and they’re not having it. FBG Duck and Billion address the hate and call out names in this fiery Ramsay Tha Great record.

Duck and Billion surprisingly have issue with Lil Herb and Lil Bibby and directed jabs at the artists.

“Who Better? Duck or Herb, yall wanna hear us?” Duck raps.

Billion jumps in, rapping, “Who better? Duck and Billion or Herb and Bibby? B*tch is you silly? I’d smack the s— out Bibby if I see him in the city.”

Clout Boys enjoy the finer things in life. Duck and Billion are feeling themselves in their single “Extra,” another Ramsay Tha Great production. They don’t want to live average lives. Everything, they say, has to be extra.

FBG Duck raps, “I’m feeling myself, so please excuse me/I’m f-cked up let two bad b-tches abuse me.”

Billion raps, “I’m sipping dirty Sprite, told my b-tch roll a blunt/Dope got my face (?), I swear my sh-t extra numb/She say Billion you too much, you upper echelon/Everybody know I got it, I ain’t gotta stunt.”

FBG Duck and Billionaire Black show their a– off on the Its Money-produced “Why You Lying,” which is arguably the best song on the tape.

Frauds are under attack and Duck and Billion are firing the shots.

Duck raps, “Why the f-ck are you fronting your move/You not in the kitchen, only bricks you seen was outside of your school/I shine like the day time, and if a n-gga ever try to take mine, off and out of bounds like the bass line.”

Billion raps, “Flexing like you with the s—-/Claiming bodies that ain’t yours knowing you ain’t doing hits/Don’t waste my time cause we know that ain’t your whip/You in love with Instagram ho*es who liking all my pics.”

Duck and Billion live by the gun and aren’t afraid to use it. They promise to send rivals “Bye Bye” if tested.

Billion begins this track, rapping, “It’s the life that we live, popping xans, popping pills, I’m off the drank, I’m smoking stank, man I can’t think cause I’m fried.”

Duck raps, “I don’t lack, got my pole, c— it back let it blow, that’s your life, that’s your soul, now you can tell it bye bye.”

It’s always a great combination when Bricksquad and FBG link up. Duck and Billion sought the production and lyrical talents of Smylez in their track “Again.”

Billion hits this track, rapping, “Last night I spent 10 bands on nothing/Smoking dope to the face, all this kush we be blowing/All these thotianas say that they love me, I got clout that’s why these b-tches be going.”

Duck follows Billion, rapping, “These rappers better pray somewhere find a reverend/Today I feel better than I ever been/But they gon make me get on that again, they tryna lock me up cause I killed this beat and left some evidence.”

Duck and Billion tapped Honcore to lend his production talents on tracks “Flee Life” and “I’m Just Sayin.”

Others talk about the “Flee Life,” but the FBG Clout Boys live it. This is flyness in the upper atmosphere. Follow their lead if you wanna soar to Clout heaven.

FBG Duck and Billionaire Black slow it down for the independent misses in “I Know Ya Tired.” Duck and Billion provide moral support for the stressed females out there in this Juice Beats production.

Duck raps, “Damn baby, what I’m bout to say, I’m not supposed to be saying it/That’s why it’s finna sound so crazy, but so what/Cause none of these b-tches would die for me like you will.”

Billion raps, “Damn baby, I know you’re tired/Tired of going through bullsh-t and the lies/You f-cking with yo mind cause you on your grind/Got a job and you strip on the side.

Many believe they can enter the Clout realm, but only few are clouted. FBG Duck and Billionaire Black gave fans what they wanted in their joint project. Now it’s up to the fans to get their clout up.

The music in Duck and Billion’s project was damn good. The next thing I’m sure fans want accomplished is an all-FBG Clout Boys mixtape with the whole gang, including, Lil Jay, YoungGoDumb, Dutchie, CashOut063, FBG Duck and Billionaire Black. But until that project becomes a reality, fans got “Clout Life” to bump for the time being.

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