FBE Ayoo- ‘Street Sh*t’ Music Video, Featuring J Mac and Freeband Tray Tray

FBE Ayoo collaborates with Jmac and rap newcomer Freeband Tray Tray on new song “Street Sh*t.” The three artists and their crew are posted Over East at the projects in their Forman James-directed music video.

Jmac opens this record, rapping, “I done seen a lot in this street sh*t/Babies getting tossed in this street sh*t/MLK had a dream, but it ain’t mean sh*t/Cause I’m still on the block, serving fiends, b***h.”

Tray Tray follows Ayoo, rapping, “N****s out here plotting on me, starting to watch my homies/Street sh*t done left me lonely.”

Ayoo, who handled the hook on this joint, finishes off this record, rapping, “I done lost too many/This money, I gotta get plenty/Keep hating, these n****s gon hear me/Face shot, you gon meet my semi.”

Watch this Forman James-directed music video above.