Father Forced To Pull 7-Year-Old Daughter Out Of School Over Dreadlock Ban

A Tulsa, OK African American honor roll student was forced to leave school after school officials deemed her hair not compliant with school policies.

Terrence Parker, father of 7-year-old Tiana, is taking issue with officials at Deborah Brown Community School for pressuring his daughter to remove her dreadlocks because it didn’t look “presentable.”

“I always present them,” Parker told Fox 23. “I take pride in my kids looking nice.”

Tiana, who is a straight-A student, didn’t have any issues when attending the school a year prior.

Tiana tearfully explained the reasoning behind leaving Brown, saying, “Because they didn’t like my dreads.”

“I think they should have let me keep my dreads,” she added.

Parker, a barber, was upset with school officials pressuring him to change his daughter’s hair.

“It hurt my feelings to the core,” he said.

Miller Jones, a school administrator, told Fox 23 Parker “was fully aware of what was expected.”

Tiana is now attending a Tulsa Public School.

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