Fan Gives Slim Jesus A Noogie

Slim Jesus just can’t catch a break. He was tried once again after a fan asked him to pose for a picture at a nightclub. The fan proceeded to give Slim a noogie.

In early December, rapper Black Jesus played Slim after taking his mic during a show and yelling, “Support real Hip Hop, b*tch!”

Slim took to IG to issue a statement on the video.

“F**k that DJ from last night,” he said. “B*****s a do anything for some f*****g attention. That’s why he ran his b***h a– out the club right after and the f*****g crowd started chanting, ‘F**k that DJ.’ And you know what me and my fans did? Got back to turning the f*****g up. Guess who still got paid last night. Me b***h.”

In October, Slim Jesus was confronted by a group of Chicago men at A3C in Atlanta. Chicago rapper MB Jesus attempted to get Slim Jesus on camera to refer to him as “the real Jesus.”

“Tell they a– who the real Jesus,” MB said. “I’m the real Jesus.”

A man holding the camera then called Slim a “b*tch.”

Slim may need to get a better team around him.