EPMD Rapper Erik Sermon Lists The Beasties Boys as Top Three Greatest Hip Hop Artists

“If you’re gonna mention the three then you gotta mention “Beasties, Run and LL Cool J”
– Eric Sermon, Source Magazine

Erik Sermon, notably known as one-half of dynamic Hip-Hop duo EPMD, praised Adam Yauch and The Beastie Boys for their contributions to Hip Hop.

Sermon called Yauch’s death a “big loss in Hip Hop right now.”

When you mention Hip Hop, he said, you got to put the Beastie Boys inside of it.

“That first album [License to Ill] we all played it back, you know, back to back,” he told Source Magazine. “But some Hip Hop heads don’t want to admit that.”

Serrmon went on to say The Beastie Boys are the top three Hip-Hop artists.

If you’re gonna mention the three, he said, then you gotta mention “Beasties, Run and LL Cool J.”

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