Edai Shares Rare Photo Of Him and Smylez

Edai and Smylez were real close before the fame. Edai shared another classic photo of himself with the late legendary Chicago producer.

Edai posted the photo onto Twitter with a caption, reading, “Back Then #ForgottenDay.”

Edai put aside whatever issues he had with Smylez to mourn his old friend’s death in October.

The Team600 boss took to IG remember the good times he had with Smylez.

The caption on his post read, “Remember All Dem Days And Nights We Spent In Yo Auntie Basement Making That Forgotten Mixtape Then You Produced That Gucci S— Everything After That Was History Its F— Up The Way The Streets divided Us From Making Great Music We Was Just TALKIN Bout Bringing It Back together Rest Up Kid.”

Edai referred to his “Gucci” record, featuring Chief Keef, which Smylez produced.