Ebony Magazine Highlights 2012 HBCU Queens in September Issue

Ebony magazine will honor 10 women from various Historically Black College Universities around the country in an upcoming September 2012 issue.

In its third installment of HBCU Campus Queens, Ebony Magazine highlighted “role models” who were “conscious of their communities, resolute in their beliefs, dedicated to their goals and committed to the importance of education.”

The college-educated African American beauties who will grace the cover of Ebony include Mea Ashley, Jackson State University; Janae Roberts, Tougaloo College, Eyden Thomas, Hampton University; Mia Holmes, Xavier University of Louisiana; NaKena Cromartie, Florida A&M; Alexandria Wilson, Tuskegee University, Erika Grant, Delaware State University; Harmony Cross, North Carolina Central University; Kea’ya Reeves, Fort Valley State University; and Barbara Henry, Fayetteville University.

These women represent various majors at their respective universities, including political science, public administration, criminal justice and mass communications. Chosen by more than 1.8 million Ebony readers, these young women are destined to shine in their respective fields upon graduation.

Ashley, who is studying mass communication, has a profound message for young women aspiring to become an Ebony Queen.

“Be yourself. Seek God first,” she said, according to Ebony Magazine. “Have a vision because without a vision, there’s no purpose to what you are doing. Also, you should want to leave a place better than you found it.”

The HBCU Queens Issue will hit stands in September.

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