Duke Da Beast, P. Plus and Rome Can’t Be Told Sh*t In A Fly Visual

Duke Da Beast, P. Plus and Rome hooked up for a hot collaboration. Duke, P and Rome are in a league of their own. You can’t tell them s**t.

Duke bodies the hook in this visual project.

P. Plus opens this record, rapping, “Bunch of savages down to blow for me/Bunch of bad b*****s down to go for me/Posted with the lead and a pocket full of bread, ain’t nan n***a taking no dope from me.”

Rome raps, “I be trapping hard, tryna make a flip/Or in the booth rapping hard, getting rich/My fans steady telling me keep making music, said I just keep doing hits.”

This single appears on P. Plus’ upcoming “This Is Not A Drill” mixtape. Watch above.