Dreezy, Sasha Go Hard & Katie Got Bandz Plan Perfect Heist In ‘Zero’ Music Video

Dreezy, Sasha Go Hard and Katie Got Bandz pulled off the perfect heist in the “Zero” music video. This Hi-Def visual was like a plot straight out of 90s cult classic film “Set It Off.”

The trio of femcees is all about the Benjamins in this D. Brooks production.

Dreezy anchors this single with impressive wordplay, even finding a way to name-drop Bop Kings Lil Kemo and Dlow.

She raps, “Aye check the scoreboard, why shorty still got zero?/And you bank account the same, but that was on the D-Low/She probably look like a model, but for a dollar bet you bop, bop, bop like Kemo/And I’m the illest girl in it, I’m so sick, I might need chemo/And you boy, keep touching on me, I’ma have to get a free throw/I got all As up in school, now why I keep getting zeros.”

Sasha’s persona is so reminiscent of “Stony” in this visual as she dons box braids. Sasha boxed this beat and delivered a devastating blow, rapping, “Spend it all, I don’t save money, not a hero/P***y on his face like I’m Lil Kemo/B***h act tough, get touched, get f****d up, take yo negro/All this f*****g money, f**k you, suck my ego!/Ain’t another b***h take a flight, 24, overseas/If they ain’t go right, real s**t, why the f**k coach mad at me.”

They don’t call Katie “Ms. Drillary Clinton” for no reason. She was the shooter on this track and laid it to rest, rapping, “B***h, I got zeros/Hollows bust and leave zeros/Caught a move on a BOA, if his a– sweet, he get zero/I see them bandz, Miss Chleo/These broke ho*s don’t see, though/Worth a mil, just signed a deal, I’m steady adding on zeros/Pop out with a bag on me/Keep talking, put that bag on em/Ride around with that mag on me, if a b***h mad than slide on me.”

Dreezy’s solo debut mixtape “Schizo” is set to hit the net Feb. 25.

King Louie makes a cameo appearance in this visual.

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