Dreezy Makes Pitch For XXL Freshman 2015

Dreezy joins fellow Chicago rapper Lil Herb as a candidate for XXL Freshman 2015. The “Schizo” artist recently made her pitch to be selected in the Hip Hop Mag’s coveted list:

“I feel like I should be XXL Freshman for 2015 because of my work ethic. I feel like I bring something new to the game for female rap and Hip Hop. My music is relatable. It got content. It’s real. It’s aggression. I feel like you can feel it. It’s the way that I express it. I’ve been writing before I ever started rapping. I’ve been singing before I started rapping. It’s just something that’s always been in me. I’m hungry for it. I’m dedicated. I’ma do whatever I got to do to earn my spot.”