Drake Reps ‘SixO’ With 600Breezy On Birthday In Las Vegas

They loving the crew.

Drake made 600Breezy part of the squad during his birthday weekend celebration in Las Vegas, NV.

600Breezy took to IG to call out haters who were mad about his trip.

“If you hating, you just need some p***y,” he said. “Mad a– n****s. Mad a– b****s. I said it’s just the beginning. I got feelings to hurt.”

600Breezy also kicked it with Drizzy in the South after making his to Atlanta’s Music Midtown Festival. But 600Breezy was not only in the A for fun, but also for business. The “Six0Breez0” rapper posted a photo of himself with Drake onto his IG account.

The caption on his post read, “6ickos.”

600Breezy took to IG to tell fans the Six God gave him his number.

“N***a, on LA grave, Drake, the real Drizzy Drake just gave me his number on Instagram. It’s over with for n****s,” he said in a short vlog.