DJ Shon Reveals He Has Unreleased Lil Jay Songs

DJ Shon is a recognizable force on the underground mixtape scene. Shon got his start working with the FBG Clout Boy camp, namely Lil Jay.

Shon opened up on how he got to work with Lil Jay during an interview with Say Cheese TV.

“He [Lil Jay] heard of me, told me to come rock, actually linked up with me, we hit em in the head with ‘Unexpected Fame One,’” he said. “It went crazy, and after that, we just rocked. We linked up for ‘Unexpected Fame 2.’ Then bro got into a little altercation.”

Shon revealed he has a few unreleased tracks from Lil Jay he plans to drop.

“He still got the fans,” he said. “They ready for something new. We might give em something new just to drop. I got a couple singles in the email.”

Check out DJ Shon’s Say Cheese TV interview above.