Did Young Thug Reveal He Was Gay In ‘I’m Fo Real’ Song?

Young Thug’s penchant for wearing dresses and calling his male friends intimate names may truly shed some light on his sexuality.

Thug may have confirmed longstanding rumors of his homosexuality in song “I’m Fo Real,” which appears on his “1017 Thug” mixtape released in 2013.

The Atlanta artist sings, “Like Shaq feet, yeah I Bengay/I hope my career take me a loooooong way.”

Thug appears to incorporate a play on words with the popular pain relieving cream as he tells listeners he’s “been gay.”

Thug isn’t the first artist to have hidden messages in his music regarding his sexuality. Frank Ocean, who came out of the closet in summer 2012, alluded to being gay in a freestyle with Odd Future associates.

Ocean raps, “I’m high and I’m Bi, wait I mean I’m straight.”

Thug’s short career in the mainstream spotlight has been riddled with controversy over his sexuality.

Fans around social media questioned Thug’s relationship with one of his homeboys. Thug referred to an incarcerated friend as his “love” and “babe.” The two also were photographed and filmed in separate occasions locking arms while drinking their lean.

Thug addressed his intimate relationship with friends during an interview with The Fader.

“We’ve always been together since day one,” he said. “That’s one way we gon maintain cause it’s not about no rap. You know how much I love em. I call em babes and lovers. Everybody think crazy, but you know… that’s how it go.”

Thug would later apply these terms of endearment to fellow artist Rich Homie Quan and mentor Birdman.

Young Thug referred to Rich Home as his “hubbie” in an IG post.

“Me and my hubbie!!! @richhomiequan 4life udigg!!!!!!” his caption read.

Thug called Birdman his “Lover” weeks later following a concert performance.

“Me and my lover dripping!!!! Like always!!!! @birdman5star f-ck with me fool,” Thug wrote in his IG post.

Thug’s actions have drawn criticism from other artists.

Chiraq rappers Chase Banz and King Yella called out Thug in their song “F*ck The Industry.”

Yella raps, “Heard Birdman and Wayne, they just kissed again/Heard Young Thug calling n-ggas boo again.”

Chase Banz accused Young Thug of promoting a gay agenda and confusing adolescent children.

Chase posted Thug’s controversial photo with Rich Homie with a message, writing, “This is why we diss these n-ggas, they doing gay sh-t but saying they not gay, confusing the young kids growing up CLICK BLUE LINK ON TOP MY PAGE.”

But Thug says he is not the least bit concerned about those who question his sexuality after taking to IG to post a fiery rant.

“Hey man, I don’t get tired of these children saying gay,” he said. “I don’t get tired of f-cking these b-tches, drinking this motherf-cking Act. Only thing I can get tired of is a p*ssy a– n*gga slick dissing and you know who I’m talking bout p*ssy a– little n-gga. And I damn sure don’t get tired of spraying at yo p*ssy a–. Pull up f-ck boy.

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