Deciding which Fraternity/ Sorority to Pledge

Deciding on which fraternity or sorority to pledge can be a daunting task. Once you enter college, you will be immediately thrust into the realm of Greeks.

During the first week of school, there are “Rush” banners plastered all over campus. There are Meet the Greek programs for the students to attend with questions they may have for a particular organization.

Let’s not forget the stroll competition from the Greek organizations of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Stroll competitions are the number one sole reason interested students practice their own steps routines in their room.

These students even find themselves making sure the coast is clear before logging onto their computer and searching their favorite organizations on youtube. We have a video of an interested student who is having a hard time figuring out which fraternity to pledge. For those who pledge or wish to pledge, does this video seem somewhat familiar?

Head over to Collegiate Netvision (CNV) to watch “College Freshman Debates Black Fraternity to Join” by clicking here.