Danny Brown Says He Almost Overdosed On Molly

Danny Brown is a self-professed enthusiast of the drug “Molly,” a powdered or crystallized form of MDMA. When induced, it produces euphoria and stimulates the sensory organs.

But consumption of the drug can have deadly consequences. Brown revealed in a Reddit thread that he nearly overdosed on the drug.

One user on Reddit asked the “Molly Ringwald” rapper to describe the craziest experience he has had with a drug.

Brown replied, “damn near overdosed on mdma in london .. but i played one of my best shows that night.”

Molly has now become a staple in today’s rap songs, having been endorsed by rappers Juicy J, Trinidad James, Chief Keef, Kanye West, 2 Chainz and French Montana.

NBC Philadelphia reports Molly has been getting increased attention a two people succumbed from the drug after attending Electric Zoo festival in New York City.

Brown recalled he was first introduced to Molly during a rave party in Detroit, MI during an interview with Complex Magazine.

“In Detroit we have some of the illest rave scenes,” he explained. “The first time I ever saw molly, it was when ecstasy started to fade out. It was something new. There was this one guy, a drug dealer, a white boy. We called him Stacks. He had these big-a– bags of powder. He would just feed it to the party. He’d be walking around the party with the bag and his credit card and was just giving everybody molly. You would see girls walking up like birds.

“…Molly is to party—you’re having fun,” he continued. “You’re not even thinking about none of your problems. I hate when I see a video on WorldStar of some dude running in the street naked and they’re talking about he’s on molly. Even the Kendrick ‘Death to Molly’ thing, it’s just like, Why? I’m not about to be no drug junkie for molly. I’m tired of defending it at this point. We’re having fun. We’re having a good time. Why are you so mad? I’m not a molly rapper. Molly is just my alter ego; it brings out the person that wants to have fun.”

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