CPD Cop Shoots Black Teens In Car, 2013 Dashcam Footage Shows

A Chicago police officer is under investigation for unlawful use of his firearm in 2013, according to ABC 7 Chicago. Dashcam footage recently released to the public shows officer Marco Proano opening fire on six black male teens who were riding in a stolen vehicle on Dec. 22, 2013. Proano pulled over the teens for speeding before unloading more than a dozen rounds into their vehicle. Two of the teenagers were wounded in the shooting. One was shot in the shoulder, the other in his hip and heel. Footage shows one teen exiting the vehicle and fleeing. Police found a pellet gun in the vehicle though it was never pointed at Proano. Proano is currently assigned to desk duty while investigation is underway.

The families of the teens sued the city claiming excessive force. The city has agreed to settle the suit for $360,000. This is expected to be approved in July.