Comedian Lil’ Duval Reveals Best Place To Meet Someone

Comedian Lil’ Duval took to Twitter to gain insight from followers on the best place to meet someone.

“I’m curious, where do y’all women think is a good place to meet a guy that’s making a good living?” he asked.

It has long been a discussion on the best place to find the man/woman of one’s dreams.

The best place to meet somebody, the comedian said, is none other than on the internet.

“Y’all can meet good dudes online but women always mess up cuz they don’t pay attention to the right signs.

“The people that get caught up wit catfish don’t surprise me. I mean look at them, are u surprised?

“If u worried about getting catfish u really saying u just like them lames u see on that show

“The Internet is one of the best place to meet somebody nowadays. Catfish is just side where the lame people get fooled,” he wrote.

Is this true? Is the internet the place to meet someone? Sound off below.