Comedian Lil’ Duval Clowns Cassidy For Aligning With North Carolina Gangster Disciples

Cassidy sent shockwaves through the Hip Hop community after releasing a video with the notorious North Carolina Gangster Disciples street gang.

Comedian Lil’ Duval found the move to be comical.

“Cassidy is a North Carolina GD now? This rap sh*t is pure comedy,” he wrote.

Cassidy recently sat down with Big Tyme TV at the Flashbacks Sports Lounge in Raleigh.

During the interview, gang member Short Mac threatened Maybach Music Group camp.

“Bang bang, Folk Gang! Anywhere in North Carolina, we on yo’ ass,” he said. “We pushin’ up on yo’ bumper, my ni**a. Cassidy good, bring yo’ ass through here watch what happen to you. Cancel the rest of your tour, it’s all good, bring your ass through here.”

Cassidy then went on to explain his brewing beef with Meek Mill.

“He jumped out of line trying to come at me. We from the same city but he violated, so I had to answer back with that joint called ‘Raid,’ he said.

“Him getting with another team, getting a little bit of paper. That sh*t be going to young ni**as heads,” explained Cassidy. “Ni**as who ain’t never had nothing and then they get a bunch of sh*t, they don’t know how to deal with it. I don’t have a problem with that part, but when he started disrespecting me saying I wasn’t a lyricist I was like ‘I’m a show this ni**a what I really do.’”

Watch Cassidy interview below