Chiraq MCs Audition For Hip Hop Reality Show ‘One Shot’ In Chicago

Thousands of Chiraq MCs recently made their way to Hard Rock Hotel to compete for an opportunity to be on new Hip Hop reality show “One Shot.” The reality-based Hip Hop series will offer contestants the opportunity to compete for a $100,000 and a record deal at SMH Records.

50 contestants were selected from the large pool of talent. Those contestants will be narrowed down to six by Sunday when they audition of front of famed Chicago spitter Twista.

SMH Ceo Mike Smith had much to say about the lively event.

“Energy. Good guys. They’re excited about it and they’re really taking this seriously,” Smith told Fox 32. “There’s a lot of people that are starving for this. It’s kind of amazing when you talk to them to see that. It’s kind of inspiring.”

The reality show will contain a panel of celebrity Hip Hop judges, including, T.I, The Game, Scarface, E-40, RZA and more.

The reality show’s website touts its series as “a one-of-a-kind competition show where MCs compete in front of a panel of judges for the ultimate shot at becoming Hip-Hop’s next biggest star.”

It further reads:

“Each contestant will have a chance to tell his or her own story, but the best is still determined by artistic skill. The outcome is not about who is likeable, rather who is the best performer with the most talent. Rappers will submit a video, build up their votes online and prepare themselves to audition in their selected City. Each week, the show will be broken into three parts, The Audition, The Artist Mentoring, and The Main Event.

The rappers will audition until a final six is picked to compete in the main event for that City.
Before the main event, the six Rappers chosen will work with Mike Smith, KXNG CROOKED, and King Tech on songs for the main event.

The Main Event in each City will take place in a famous Hip Hop Venue and will have a live audience including many celebrity VIPs from that local City, Professional Athletes, Local DJs, and other TV personalities.

The Main Event will be hosted by Sway and the final six will compete in from of KXNG CROOKED, King Tech, Mike Smith, and that week’s celebrity Judge(s). One winner will be chosen from each City and the 8 City finalists will compete in a season finale in Las Vegas. The season finale will also include performances from several of the Season’s Celebrity Judges, KXNG CROOKED, and also other significant Acts.”

Auditions for the program are ongoing. Upcoming cities for auditions include Miami, March 6; San Francisco, March 13; Los Angeles, April 10; Houston, May 15; and New York, May 29.