Chinx’s Murder May Be Linked To Stack Bundles’ Death

Chinx’s tragic murder may be linked to death of rap affiliate Stack Bundles, police sources told the New York Daily News. Chinx, born Lionel Pickens, died Sunday after he was shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting. He was 31.

Stack Bundles, born Rayquan Elliot, was gunned down outside of his Far Rockaway apartment building on June 11, 2007.

“They were friends, Stack Bundles and Chinx. They were friends, so we’re looking at all hip-hop angles,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce told the Daily News.

Chinx and Bundles grew up together in the Far Rockaway section of Queens and started their own rap crew Riot Squad, in the early 2000’s, according to AllHipHop.

French Montana was deeply affected by the sudden passing of his Coke Boys artist.

French and Chinx’s relationship wasn’t just business. French posted a message Chinx shared with him that showed that the two had a real brotherly bond of “unconditional love.”

Chinx’s message read, “Me and my bro both came from nothing… All we had was dreams to get rich and do rite. Real n*gga always pointed me in the rite direction genuine love not that fake sh*T u second guess. Unconditional love for u bro…Now watch us build this empire one brick at a time… #cb #rs #freemax #ripstacks.”

The caption on French’s post read, “Who would of thought!! i’ll ever get that call !!”

Who would of thought‼ i'll ever get that call ‼

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French went on to repost an important message from Jay Z regarding Chinx’s death.

Jay Z honored the memory of Chinx and spoke about black on black violence in urban communities during his B-Sides performance in NYC.

“A young man got killed in Queens. His name was Chinx,” Jay said. “We’re seriously under attack like never before. Rest in peace to Chinx. We still killing each other. We need to understand we are kings and queens. A young man trying to make a way out of the hood goes back to the hood – we can’t have it both ways – They say ‘People they left the hood and they never come back.’ Then people go to the hood and they get killed. …We gotta protect out own. I know how our situation is set up. I come from the same place yall come from. I made it out of that place. I know how hard it is. We gotta take responsibility for the sh*t we doing. …The statistics are against us. Let’s not make it harder on ourselves.”

French said jealousy led to Chinx’s murder in his caption.

He wrote, “The devil comes in all shapes and sizes and he’s ruthless. Life here is temporary. They will kill you for this lifestyle, if they can’t afford it jealousy is a motherf***er Protect yourself, protect the people you love. I’m sad to see my brother go out like this, one of the realest people I met. This s—’s not right. These streets don’t love us My prayers go to his kids and family. We going to finish off what we started #ripchinx #ripstacks #freemaxb s/o to #jayz.”

Check out music from Chinx below.