Chief Keef Started The Three 6 Mafia ‘Who Run It’ Challenge

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Chief Keef is possibly the first new school rapper to remix Three 6 Mafia’s “Who Run It.” A track featuring Sosa’s rhymes over the classic beat has resurfaced online.

Sosa raps, “I got money, I got lean, I got Ganja/Riding with my shooter to the end of the tunnel/More pounds on me than them h**s selling bundles/Cake in my suitcase like I’m wholesaling funnels.”

G Herbo is credited with sparking the “Who Run It” challenge after ripping a hot flow over the beat when he stopped by Dallas K104 radio station.

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G Herb was in traffic when he previewed his remix featuring the “Luv Is Rage” rapper.

Drake encouraged Herb to release an official track.

Herb posted onto IG direct messages sent to him from Champagne Papi.

Drizzy wrote:

“Why you spaz on who run it like that. I been listening for like 5 days straight to the same 30 second clip. You should make that a song and just drop it.”

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Listen below: