Chief Keef Slowing Down Lil Durk-Assisted ‘GLOTF’ Album, Young Chop Says

Young Chop is anxious to get to work on Chief Keef and Lil Durk’s “GLOTF” album. But Sosa is slowing progression of the project, Chop told WatchLoud.

“That’s only person we gotta get on board. Durk ready. Everybody ready, we just gotta get Keef motherf****n a– in tune with the s**t, make him see the bigger picture,” Chop said. “That sh*t’s gonna be big. Trust and believe me. I’m talking ‘bout…huge. Tours, everything. I put that ‘Decline’ record together.”

Chop recently told fans the project is on the way.

“‘GLOTF,’ the album,” he said. “I’m in the works of getting these n****s to do it.”

Young Chop can be credited with getting the ball rolling on the project.

Chop was asked during an interview with Vibe if such project would ever come to fruition.

Chop responded, “What’s so crazy, I’ve been thinking about it. That’s possible. Matter of fact. Since you said that I’m gon’ do it. Remember I said that.”

Lil Durk would later take to Twitter to let fans know the project was on the way.

“OTF x Gbe mixtape,” he wrote.

Chop retweeted Durk’s post.

But somewhere along the line Chopsquad DJ stepped in to take over the reigns of the project’s production. But DJ recently told fans the project ran into some obstacles.

Chopsquad DJ told followers on IG song leaks ruined the much-anticipated tape.

DJ wrote, “Yall killed Glotf by leakin songs from It. But I got Sumn for Yall that I think Yall gone like. Stay tuned! #chopsquad.”

In the caption of his post, he added, “One of the lames ruined it for everybody. But I got Yall.”

This is the opposite of what DJ wrote in July.

He wrote, “Stop acting like yall got all these glotf songs. Most of these songs yall talking about old songs from mansion musick. None of the songs done or mixed and yall talm bout trading. Lol.”

The “GLOTF” project was rumored to drop in October, according to Glo Gang Promo Twitter page, though neither Chief Keef or Durk confirmed.

Two popular singles released featuring Sosa and Durk include “Sumo” and “Decline.