Chief Keef Says Video Of Himself Calling Lil Wayne A ‘H—’ Was Fake

Chief Keef says he has long been an avid fan of Lil Wayne and has much respect for the YMCMB frontman.

Sosa took to social media to again express that Weezy was very influential to him.

“Didn’t know @LilTunechi Did a D5! Always Will Have Respect For Wayne. My N****a Influenced da F**k out of me! Facts about Almigh UAENO!” he wrote.

Sosa previously stated the “Dedication” rapper influenced him in April 2013.

I really f*cks wit Lil Wayne Hes one of My influences #300,” he wrote.

But the “Bang 3” rapper mentioned that a certain piece of footage that surfaced online in 2012 might have started the two off on the wrong foot.

“Worldstar Jus Started us on da wrong hands with da fake a– Video!” he wrote.

Many record labels were courting Sosa to their label after the success of his viral hit song “I Don’t Like.”

Cash Money Records was one such Hip Hop powerhouse label that sought out the budding musician.

Sosa appeared in rare footage discussing his thoughts on Cash Money as he was getting trimmed by his barber.

Sosa’s manager commented that Wayne expressed interest in the O’Block rapper and signing with YMCMB would be a perfect fit. But Chief Keef wasn’t hearing it.

“Lil Wayne? I ain’t going with him,” Chief Keef said. “I’m going with Birdman. I don’t like Lil Wayne.”

“I’ma do a song with him, but he h—,” he added.

These weren’t the only occurrences that may have started the artists off on a bad note.

There was reportedly a brewing beef between Glo Gang and YMCMB in 2012 after an apparent scuffle took place between the two rap camps at a nightclub in Miami.

Glo Gang rapper Tadoe was allegedly involved in a fight with YMCMB president Mack Maine at Club Dream.

GBE member Tadoe shed light on the fight in a rant via Twitter, calling himself a YCMB killer.

“Just f**k da club up #ymcmbk,”

Big Corn, a Glo Gang associate, alluded that Tadoe beat up Mack Maine in front of Birdman.

“@gbe_tadoe gave Mac Maine of YMCMB that GBE business #CLUB DREAM in MIA rite in front of STUNNA fa tryna tweak with him. #GBE #AINTFANUN,” he wrote.

A fan asked Tadoe if he and YMCMB were on friendly terms.

Tadoe replied, “No dey fu fu n****z.”

“Mack mane a B***H he a opp,” the “Tadoe Tuesday” rapper said.

Mack Maine commented on the ordeal, writing, “The pebbles the peasants throw don’t reach the throne…..chill youngin u just jumped off the porch.”

Sosa added an insult of his own to the Cash Money camp just days after the Club Dream incident.

Chief Keef commented he was Lil Wayne without Baby.

“U Dumb F*cks Im Lil Wayne Wit out Baby! Imagine Where Im Gone Be When I’m 28?” Chief Keef wrote.

Anybody in da industry Try us They kno!” he continued.

But Sosa soon slowed his tone following his release from jail on Oct. 23, 2013.

The first thing Sosa did upon leaving Cook County was stream Wayne’s song “I’m The Best Rapper Alive” from the classic “Dedication 2” mixtape.

The DJ Drama hosted project is arguably Wayne’s best mixtape.

“I used to love Wayne #RidinNp,” Chief Keef wrote.

Wayne later revealed to fans he aspired to be Lil Wayne as an adolescent in a series of tweets.

“Wen I was little I always said my whole life, Ima be like lil Wayne And get famous and rich and have 6kidz

“Wayne all over in a Different form and Fashion

“I miss da Old Wayne 2 dey want dat old me I want old Wayne 2010 and back

“But he knows how to get richer Can’t stop his Grind I respect it Flex on em!

“Jus Don’t Got Words like him im jus A Gang Bangin a– boy dats rich and gonna Get richer #KissMyAssIfYouHatin Glo gang That is,” he wrote

Chief Keef says he is anxiously awaiting “Dedication 6.”

But as Sosa waits on that project, fans are waiting on “Bang 3.” The project is slated to drop March 3.

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