Chief Keef Says Glory Boyz Entertainment Is Finished, Promotes New Glo Gang Label

Chief Keef has been promoting his new flagship record label Glo Gang for the past few months.

Sosa decided to silence the rumors and speculation by announcing Glo Gang as his official new label. He also wrote he is looking for “street” artists to sign to the label.

“Now signing Street n—– Only Alabama. Detroit. LasVegas. Bay AreaCa. And Lot more U gotta be Turnt up #GloGang New label Nomoe GBE,” he wrote.

A tweet posted by Glo Gang brother Capo promoting the new label adds validity to Sosa’s post.

“I’m GloGang Not Otf Or Gbe,” he wrote.

It is not entirely certain how this name change will affect Sosa’s deal.

Chief Keef secured a separate three-year deal with Interscope Records to build the GBE brand.

Sosa and former manager Uncle Ro, who both owned 40 percent of GBE, received a payout of $180,000, according to Fredo Santana owns 10 percent interest in GBE and was paid a $40,000 advance.

Sosa has a couple more family members with their hand in the deal, including uncle Alonzo Carter and Anthony H. Dade who each hold 5 percent interest.

Interscope reportedly provided the GBE label $200,000 for “overhead” expenses, which include office, travel, entertainment and “salary cost” and marketing.

The profits between GBE and Interscope were to be split down the middle.

Much of GBE have gone their own separate ways. Fredo Santana, Gino Marley and SD went on to form Savage Squad Records.

Fredo is currently building the brand and looking for new artists to help take it to the top.

“Afther I drop my album an this ScarySite2 mixtape I will be looking for new artist for SavageSquadRecords #SSR #DoubleSR,” he wrote.

Fredo additionally likened his flagship company label to the one-time 90s powerhouse record company Death Row Records.

“#DoubleSR #SavageSquadRecords we the new Death Row @GinoMarley @SD_GBE300 #SSR squaddd,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sosa is looking to start fresh with Glo Gang and commemorated his new label with some fresh ink.

Sosa recently got extensive work done on his torso and arms in honor of his new label.

Sosa additionally called up his favorite jeweler Johnny Dang to hook him up a white and yellow diamond encrusted “Glo Gang” charm.

The finished product displays the sun sipping lean.

Sosa is riding hard for his new label, stating it’s Glo Gang over everything else.

“B—- I’m GloGangEbk,” he wrote on Twitter.

Fans will see the new and improved Glo Gang after Sosa’s completion with rehab. Sosa is currently prepping a Glo Gang tour.

“I’m booking shows for after feb12 Glogang I’m ready 2 see my fans turn up on bang 3 n all my other hits 847-508-8045 847-508-7965

“Call for booking 847-508-7965 or 847-508-8045,” he wrote.

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