Chief Keef Reveals New Artwork For ‘The Cozart’

Chief Keef showcased new artwork for his sophomore studio album “The Cozart.” The artwork is pretty hardcore. Sosa is looking like the hood Rambo and even has a crown made of bullets.

The caption on Sosa’s post read, “Powered by @alkidavid.”

Alki David is the owner of FilmOn, a free Internet-based television service slowing remote computer viewing of local TV worldwide. FilmOn will be distributing Sosa’s project.

Sosa and FilmOn CEO Alki Davis posted a photo of themselves onto their respective IG accounts.

Chief Keef’s “The Cozart” will be available at retail stores Best Buy and Target.

Sosa made this announcement after showcasing his new cover art for the project.

“Working……. All the Best buys near u. All the targets near u!!!!!!!!

“Soon Best buys near u!!!!!!” the captions on his post read.

Sosa’s project will feature guest appearances from Jeremih and Lil Wayne.

Sosa was in the studio with Yung Berg when he streamed the record featuring the two artists.

Sosa took to social media to express his excitement about the record.

He wrote, “I swear I done listened to this @Jeremih ft @LilTunechi & @ChiefKeef Song alllllll day long!”