Chief Keef Reveals He Was Addicted To Xanax Two Years Ago

There is a huge difference between the Chief Keef of 2012 and the one of 2014. 2K12 Sosa was a low down dirty cutthroat. 2K14 Sosa was battling a drug addiction.

Chief Keef revealed to fans he was battling an addiction to Xanax two years ago. It explains why his music was very subpar.

“Steady dropping this uneducated Chief Keef music….. Of Xanax and sh*t!!!!!!

“I was on like 6 xanax back when I was uneducated like 2 years ago.

“Big difference between 2 years ago 4 years ago and now,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sosa banned the use of Xanax in Glo Gang in 2014..

“If u Glo Gang U don’t do xans Nomo! #RNS,” he wrote.

Xanax, according to, is used to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders and anxiety caused by depression.

Xans is dangerous when consumed with alcohol impairing one’s thinking or reactions.

The drug has dangerous side-effects, including but not limited to, depressed moods, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, jaundice, seizures, insomnia and vomiting.

Xanax isn’t the only drug banned in Glo Gang.

Sosa announced in January 2014 he got Tadoe to give up Molly.

Twitter user Brandon @KillBrandon_ asked Sosa, “@ChiefKeef is tadoe off the molly right now.”
Sosa replied, “He Stopped for Me!”

Molly is a powdered or crystallized form of MDMA. When induced, it produces euphoria and stimulates the sensory organs. The street version of the drug is usually never pure and laced with unsafe chemical products, including methamphetamine.

Chief Keef previously denied doing the drug.

“Chief Keef Don’t Do Molly #Nbs,” he once wrote on Twitter.

Sosa’s 300 brother Lil Reese echoed similar sentiment, writing, “Nd I don’t do dat Molly give dat s— 2 jmunna…#Rip.”