Chief Keef’s Rap Protégé Andy Milonakis Explains How To Make ‘White Boy Lean’

Andy Milonakis is increasingly become a Lean connoisseur by the day. The actor/comedian doesn’t drink his codeine and Sprite like any other Actavis sipper. He seals in the flavor using a Pellegrino glass bottle.

Andy explained how to make “White Boy Lean” during a FaceTime call with Fredo Santana.

“The flavors of the codeine, just the sugary intricacies of the flavors and bouquet of flavors of the codeine should not be tampered with with the Sprite, so you put that sh-t in a glass bottle of Pellegrino and you’re Leaning for real though,” he said.

Andy expresses his love for Dirty Sprite in song “G.L.O.G.A.N.G.,” rapping, “Got more pints than a blood drive/Pouring fourths, this is mud life.”

In Sosa’s “Sorry 4 The Weight” vlog, Milonakis asked for two Styrofoam cups from a restaurant to sip his lean out of. He wasn’t ashamed to tell the worker at the register what he was using the cups for.

Lean is a drink concoction made of Promethazine-Codeine cough syrup, Sprite and Jolly Rancher candy.

Lean, often called “Sizzurp” or “Purple Drank” has its origins in the South after Houston producer DJ Screw popularized the beverage.

Lean, when induced, provides its user a sedated feeling. Long-term use can have deadly side effects.

DJ Screw was found dead Nov. 16, 2000 in his studio following an overdose from a combination of Lean and drugs. A toxicology report found codeine, Valium and PCP in his system.