Chief Keef Fears ‘Nobody’ (Album Review)

There was much hype surrounding Chief Keef’s “Nobody” album, executive produced by 12 Hunna. Sosa’s latest project was his gift to fans during the holiday season and follows his last mixtape effort “Back From The Dead 2.” Sosa kept the features on the project down to a minimum on his 12-track project. Sosa can be perceived as a mystery to some. Pay attention to his rhymes in the project and you may learn something about the teen rap phenom.

You just wouldn’t believe the path Chief Keef walked. The 19-year-old rapper hails from one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country. Now he is a millionaire. If Sosa told you everything he’s been through, you’d be like “Oh Lawd.”

Sosa raps, “Like f-ck the Feds/They mad cause a young n-gga made it and got ahead/They wanna lock me up cause a young n-gga made it and got ahead/They wanna lock me up and throw away the key/That’s not fair, I made it up outta there.”

Sosa later raps, “Remember when I ain’t have nothing before/Now I can have it all/Problem is that I won’t stop til I fall/Don’t care bout none of yall.”

Chief Keef feels he’s “Already” done it all. What more else does he have to prove? He’s put in work in the streets, struck it rich, been with the baddest women and eluded the Feds.

Sosa raps, “They already gave me guap, I ain’t goin back flatline/They already gave me love, I ain’t going for less man/I already sprayed me glock, I ain’t getting finessed man/I already played these cops they ain’t finding my weapons.”

It’s “Funny” that a kid from O’Block got rich. Is this real life? This doesn’t happen often. They shouldn’t have given Sosa money. His Glo is shining brighter than ever.

Sosa raps, “I just get the money then I’m goin out in public, stuntin/Shoulda never gave young n-gga money/Fresh as f-ck, lookin like I’ goin on a luncheon/Now I got a belly of a beast, I be munchin.”

Sosa’s best single on his album is possibly his Kanye West-assisted record “Nobody.” This song contains a sample from Willie Hutch’s 1973 hit song “Brother’s Gonna Work It.”

Sosa has tunnel vision at this point in his career. He also has to be on guard. He doesn’t worry about the media or social media trolls. He fears nobody. Why is this, you ask? Sosa breaks it down in this record.

He raps, “What’s all around? Fake n-ggas act friendly/Cause I’m on now, gotta keep it near me/Cause n-ggas will smile, but really be frienemy/B-tches act down, but really ain’t into me/They just want my count, heard I got them millis.”

You can’t blame Sosa for being cognitive of everyone around him. He comes from an area where the crabs in the bucket mentality is real.

He raps, “Where I’m from you gotta walk round with your gun/But I made it out, just to get some money/Now I’m riding what I want, f-cking any thot I want/I be buying anything I want/Remember when I was broke/They thought I was a joke.”

Sosa’s project revealed he is still adjusting to fame and the new faces he meets daily. Sosa is a kid from the projects who was instantly thrust into the spotlight from rapping. This would trip anyone out. But Sosa will continue to keep his guard up despite the change in his socioeconomic status. The Glo Gang frontman is watchful of those who want to take him out or throw him back in the slums or jail. Nonetheless, Chief Keef will continue to walk around with no fear in his heart because he came from the bottom. Nobody can take that from him.

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