Chief Keef’s Manager Rovan ‘Dro’ Manuel Says Lupe Fiasco Doesn’t Represent The ‘Streets of Chicago’

Rovan ‘Dro’ Manuel sat down in an interview with Best of Both Offices to reveal that mainstream Hip Hop attempted to hide the real Chicago from the world.

Many fans have come to know Chicago Hip Hop by rappers, such as Common, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco. Chicago was packaged as “Conscious Hip Hop.”

But the streets of Chicago, Manuel said, are “nothing like what they were saying it was like.”

“You couldn’t find two people on the South Side or where they’re from that can really actually say that they grew up like that,” Manuel said.

Specifically, Manuel named Lupe’s first single “Kick Push” as song many urban Chicago youths couldn’t resonate with.

“You tell me one person on the West Side of Chicago in the hood that’s riding around on a skateboard,” he said. “That’s not happening. No disrespect to Lupe, but you know, let’s keep it real and that’s what Keef’s all about, keeping it real.

“That’s not what the streets are like in Chicago, Manuel continued. “You know that, because you know about how many murders is going on here. These little kids are not playing with skateboards, they’re playing with guns. And now that we have someone that’s talking about it, maybe more people will look at it and maybe we can do something to fix the problem, instead of just pushing it under the rug and going about our business.”