Chief Keef Makes Yae Yae Jordan A Glo Man

You’re not officially Glo until Sosa honors you with a Glo Man. Sosa officially had his designer make a Glo Man for Yae Yae Jordan. It wouldn’t have been an official Yae Yae Glo Man didn’t wear a pair of Cartier’s. It’s a Detroit thing.

Sosa posted Yae Yae’s Glo Man onto his IG account with a caption, reading, “One time for the 1000 times! PAGG @puritanjordan.

In early November, Sosa issued a statement calling for the Highland Park rapper’s freedom.

“Free YAEYAE Jordan…… #PAGLO,” he wrote on Twitter.

In May, the Detroit rapper, born Cordell Jones, was convicted of murder and sentenced to 60 years in prison for his role in a shooting that left one man dead and others injured.

Jordan angered a judge after issuing an apology with little emotion during his sentencing.

“I’m sorry,” Jordan said. “Even if you don’t accept it, I apologize.”

Jordan was caught on video in the Sept. 20, 2014 shooting at the Déjà Vu nightclub.

Yae Yae was a fugitive for about a month before U.S. Marshalls found and arrested him Monday at a house he was hiding out at in Detroit.

Yae Yae posted a video of his arrest onto IG.

“ATF outside, n-gga, they got me. I’m innocent, n-gga. I ain’t do sh-t,” a visibly distraught Yae Yae said as he took a final puff of his joint.

“I’ma take it like a man,” he continued. “Here I come. Hold me down, n-gga, for real. Yae Yae I love yall.”

Yae Yae was signed under Chief Keef’s Glo Gang imprint. The Motor City rapper was excited upon being signed and was looking forward to getting to work.

“Jus got off the phone with @ChiefKeef I’m bout Glo up Let’s get it,” he wrote on Twitter in July.

He would later write, “Hold up I’m Tryna blow up you know what I wanna Glo up.”

Sosa replied, “@YaeYaejordan GANGMember!”

Yae filmed himself turning up to Sosa’s new song “Dear.”

Yae Yae collaborated with Sosa and YNS Cheeks on the Loyaltee-produced “Strapped” remix.