Chief Keef Killed Hip Hop?

Chief Keef killed Hip Hop? The folks over at All Def Digital seem to think so.

Tahir Moore, Jon Scarlett and Slink Johnson held a discussion on artists who destroyed Hip Hop.

“You didn’t go to funeral?” Tahir said. “The funeral came out when ‘I Don’t Like” came out.”

“I Don’t Like” was Sosa’s breakout single that landed him a multi-million dollar contract with Interscope.

Slink Johnson provided a broader view of Hip Hop in his commentary.

“Hip Hop music is not dead,” he said. “Hip Hop music is in a sad state, you got art, you got dance, you got music. It’s a culture. It’s a lifestyle. Hip Hop is not dead. I will agree the music is on life support.”

Check out the ADD crew’s commentary above.