Chief Keef’s Interscope Deal Worth $6 Million

Chief Keef is laughing to the bank like “ha ha ha.” There is a reason why the “I Don’t Like” rapper titled his highly-anticipated debut album “Finally Rich.”

Chief Keef generated enough buzz in the underground circuit to be heavily recruited by several records labels, including Cash Money Records and Young Jeezy’s CTE label.

But Interscope Records made the rapper an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Chief Keef signed a reported deal worth $6 million, according to

The rapper recieved one-half of a $440,000 cash advance payment. He may receive the second installment of his advance after a judge signs off on the deal, reports.

The details of the contract stipulates the Chicago native must release three albums. The deal also gave Chief Keef creative control of his own Glory Boyz Entertainment label.

But Chief Keef won’t be able to cash in on his earnings until he turns 18 in August.

Chief Keef is currently serving 60 days in Illinois Youth Center, a juvenile detention center, for violating the terms of his probation.