Chief Keef Inspired By Lil Wayne? Wants To Record A ‘Dedication’ Album For Fans

Chief Keef’s title for his newly released mixtape “Sorry 4 The Weight” was inspired by Lil Wayne’s “Sorry For The Wait” project. Sosa is again drawing inspiration from Weezy after announcing his upcoming album would be titled “Dedication.”

Sosa took to IG to request the talents of graphic designers to create him a cover art for his upcoming project.

“Somebody make me a dedication cover I’m finna do a dedication album ima go over hard I think ima do this one Sober!” the caption on his post read.

Sosa went on to thank his fans in a new vlog post.

“Aye man, “Dedication” coming out,” he said. “I’m ‘Sorry 4 The Weight.’ Gang sh-t. Shout out to all my fans who put me in this thing right here. If it wasn’t for yall, I wouldn’t even be in this thang, man. I wouldn’t be in my fourth crib. I wouldn’t be in my fourth mansion. Shout out to all my fans, man. Shout out to them true gang members.”

Sosa added on IG: “I love yall wish I can give The n-ggas a lil hug and the ladies a Lil smooch on the cheek idk where them lips been!”

Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 2” happens to be one of Sosa’s favorite mixtapes. Sosa streamed the YMCMB frontman’s classic project upon his release from jail in October 2013. Keef was listening to Lil Wayne’s “I’m The Best Rapper Alive.”

“I used to love Wayne #RidinNp,” Chief Keef wrote.