Chief Keef’s GBE Associate B-City Threatens to Kill CashOut

The drama between Glory Boyz Entertainment and BrickSquad Gangster Disciples appears to be intensifying. B-City, a GBE associate who purports to be Chief Keef’s uncle, recently threatened the life of BrickSquad affiliate CashOut.

CashOut was an associate of former BrickSquad member Lil’ JoJo, a Chicago rapper who was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in September. CashOut first made news after making bold claims of sleeping with Interscope artist Chief Keef’s mom. CashOut released a viral video where he gets Chief Keef’s mom to discuss their sexual relationship on the phone. During the conclusion of the video, he calls Chief Keef’s mother a “slut.”

CashOut and B-City got into a war of words over Twitter. B-City threatened to find out where CashOut stays.


After a series of tweets, CashOut eventually responded, “I DON’T THINK U WANNA BRING IT WHERE I STAY CAUSE I’M DOUBLE OVER HERE.”

B-City even taunts Lil’ JoJo by retweeting messages from the day of his unfortunate demise.

“Ima make this eazy for the opps on BD im on 69 princton 4 houses from where jo jo f*cked around and got smoked im in this grey maxima,” he wrote.

This isn’t the first time B-City spoke foul of Lil’ JoJo’s murder. The Black Disciple original gangster took to Twitter to express how happy he was about the rapper’s death.

@bcity wrote on Twitter he was glad Coleman was dead and would embrace his murderer.

“@Moosalina i swear if i eva meet who wacked jojoville ima make him my brother or son im glad he dead,” he wrote.

Lil JoJo’s infamous “3HunnaK’ song has increasingly grown in popularity since his death. At the rapper’s funeral, young men and women took to the parking lot to hold a celebration in memory of their fallen friend. Many of the young people wore “RIP JOJO” T-shirts and danced and recited lyrics to the slain rapper’s controversial song.

As a member of the targeted street gang in the song, @bcity79 is not a fan.

“as long as that BDK song still here on earth jo jo will neva rest in piece his soul is in purgatory and his moma a lyin b*tch, he wrote.”

The Black Disciple original gangster called the slain rapper a “casket sleeper” and wrote anyone who “hollow BDK deserve to be struck by lightning be it out the sky or a AK.”

He even joked about the manner Coleman was murdered.

“i heard ni**az sayin BDK dont get killed on a bike… SMH,” he wrote.

Coleman was murdered while riding on the back pegs of a friend’s bike.

Users on Twitter took issue with GBE affiliate’s comments. @bcity79 responded to backlash writing, “I know I just know wat they would be doing if one of us died.”

Why is there so much hostility between the street gangs in Chicago? The homicide rate in Chicago has reached over 400 murders thus far this year. What will it take for a truce to be called in the Windy City? Sound off below.