Chief Keef’s GBE Associate B-City on Lil’ JoJo: ‘he was a terrorist’

Nearly two months have passed since tragic drive-by shooting of Chicago emcee Lil’ JoJo. The murder of 18-year-old Lil JoJo, whose real name is Joseph Coleman, remains unsolved.

Coleman’s death came following a highly-publicized rap beef with Chief Keef’s Glory Boyz Entertainment associates Lil’ Durk and Lil’ Reese, who are both signed to Def Jam Recordings. Lil’ JoJo immediately made an impact on the Chicago rap scene after releasing a music video disrespecting a violent Chicago street gang with his song “3HunnaK.”

GBE member B-City caused a stir in social media when he openly displayed zero remorse for Coleman’s death writing that he was “glad” the rapper was dead.

Chief Keef also took to Twitter to laugh off Coleman’s death

“hahahahahhahahahahahahahaahhAAHAHAHAHA #RichNi**aShit,” Keef wrote. “Its Sad Cuz Dat N***a Jojo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO.”

Def Jam artist Lil’ Reese echoed similar sentiment.

“Damn I just wke up 2da jojo shit f*ck Em,” wrote Lil’ Reese.

B-City describes Lil’ JoJo as a “terrorist” who kills “BDs.” Coleman was a member Brick City, a faction of the Gangster Disciples. Coleman openly acknowledged his affiliation with the Black Disciple Killer (BDK) movement.

“BDK meen he kills BDs jo jo shot alot of people he is a close friend of someone who shot me 12 times on may 15 2012.”

“the people jo jo shot can rest good knowing that he wont shoot them again.. I can rest knowing he wont kill my nefu or friends,” B-City wrote.

“terrorist are not only over seas he was a terrorist in the englwood area to alot of people,,im glad when a terrorist die..AMEN”