Chief Keef Fires Uncle Ro, Fredo Santana and Fans React

Chief Keef and Glo Gang are officially under new management. Sosa announced him and Rovan “Dro” Manuel aka Uncle Ro have officially parted ways.

“Glo Gang finna be under new management!4 da better,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sosa’s remarks drew a response from blood cousin Fredo Santana.

“bout time u listing to something lol,” he wrote on Twitter.

Fans of the Glo Gang frontman also offered their thoughts on shocking news:

This isn’t first time Sosa announced he was parting ways with Ro. In December 2013, Sosa told fans him and Glo Gang were managing themselves.

“UncleRoManagement Is No long Managing GloGang #WeManagingOurSelf F— Boyz,” Sosa wrote.

This came as a shock to many because Uncle Ro promoted Sosa’s Glo Gang a day prior.

“I’m stepping my game up GloGang 2014 my old s— is 8 years newer than y’all new s— and that’s real new money GloGang music @ChiefKeef,” he wrote.

Sosa didn’t elaborate on why he fired Uncle Ro. But it must be noted his career has been riddled with controversy under his management. The duties of a manager include, but are not limited to, overseeing an artist’s finances and expenses, securing quality facilities for studio time, making sure an artist makes scheduled appointments, knowing the whereabouts of the artist and ensuring the safety and well-being of the artist.

A teenage Sosa had little guidance in his young career.

He had a share of run-ins with the law and lost a lot of money due to missed concert performances. He even missed a scheduled appearance at BET’s 106 & Park and an important video shoot with 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa for “Hate Being Sober.”

This put Sosa on bad terms with the multi-platinum selling artist.

Uncle Ro revealed Chief Keef missed two flights to the video shoot during an interview with Best Of Both Offices.

“The label hooked it up and they set it up with Keef and they didn’t set it up with Keef’s team,” Manuel told Best Of Both Offices. “So, when it came time to fly out, he missed the first flight. Then he missed the second one. And then it was just like, you know, ‘Well we gonna come do it at another date, if that’s fine with you.’ It was nothing other than that, you know, all the rumors.”

Ro said Chief Keef isn’t used to scheduling video shoots.

Keef, he said, tends to schedule videos the day he wants to shoot.

“And a lot of people in the game looked at videos and do videos a lot different than we do,” Manuel said. “We just wake up one day and just feel like doing a video and we do it. Not you know, “We’re gonna do this on the 17th of this month, and we’re gonna do it at this time, and we’re gonna” — we haven’t shot videos like that. That’s not how we do it. It’s like, “Call up D. Gainz or call up such-and-such, let’s shoot something today.” We wasn’t ready to shoot nothing, we wasn’t in that mood, you know what I mean?”

Chief Keef was also in hot water after missing a scheduled concert performance in Tuczon, AZ. He instead was turning up in Los Angeles.

Ro told promoters he had no idea on Sosa’s whereabouts.

“In Los Angeles Cali Turn Up!” Keef wrote on the day of his scheduled performance.

Rialto Theatre, the venue Chief Keef was to perform, wrote, “No one can locate @ChiefKeef so tonight’s show is not happening. We are sorry for the incovenience @FINALLYMADE @pconcertsaz.”

Concert promotion company Phenomenon explained the ordeal to confused fans.

“@TheIllmxtic @whatsuptucson @ChiefKeef not even his uncle Zoe know where he is.

“@MNDZA15 no he decided hanging in LA was more important than boarding a plane to do a show for his fans that paid money to see him

“LaughwAndre ha good one but he never left California. Was supposed to be on a flight here but no once can reach him,” the concert promotion company wrote.

Did Chief Keef make the right business decision in firing his uncle? Sound off below.

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