Chief Keef Fan, Lil Bugg, Rockin With Lil Jay?

Is Lil Bugg playing both sides? The Glo Gang Stan recently told Lil Jay’s management to hit his DM. Lil Jay’s management requested Bugg stream “Bars of Clout.”

Lil Bugg, at age 14, dissed Clout Lord during his phone convo with GBE Terintino.

Perhaps Bugg learned the errors of his way.

Last week, Bugg apologized for repping GDK.

“I don’t care about BDK. I don’t care about BD, GD, BDK, GDK s**t, bro,” Sosa said. “I cared about that when I was a little kid. I didn’t know better. Now, I grown. I’m smarter. I’m Glo. I’m Glo Gang, that’s it. It’s entertainment, not a gang.”