Chief Keef Defines ‘Thot’

Chicago culture has infiltrated mainstream Hip Hop. A term one may have heard thrown around in Chicago artists’ rap lyrics is the term “Thot.”

The term “thot” is a negative term for a woman.

Chief Keef took to Twitter to define the disparaging word.

“Thot = That H– Over There Thots = Them H— Over There,” he wrote.

Chief Keef commonly uses the term in his music.

In “My N—–,” Chief Keef raps, “B*tch, I got a lot of f*cking thots.”

The “Hate Being Sober” rapper even uses the term when critiquing pop culture. The rapper, born Keith Cozrt, most recently referred to the women of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” as the word.

One thing that can be said is “thot” sure isn’t a term of endearment.