Chief Keef Continues To Find ‘Self’ In ‘Almighty So’

Chief Keef steam rolled his way onto the rap scene in 2012 after the release of his viral hit song “I Don’t Like” and his solo debut studio album “Finally Rich.” But Sosa’s rise to fame didn’t begin there. Chief Keef has long been a popular staple on the underground rap scene and helped popularize the infamous “drill sound” after the release of his first mixtape “Bang.”

Keef kept his gritty sound coming through mixtape projects with “Back From The Dead,” “Bang Pt. 2” and his current release “Almighty So.”

I’ll admit I, like other fans, was disappointed with Chief Keef’s last mixtape “Bang Pt. 2.” The kid is clearly talented, but I felt as if he shafted us fans with lackluster production and lyrical effort on that project.

I was taught as a child if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all. This is why I refused to do a review for “Bang Pt. 2.”

I still listen to “Finally Rich” and I hope each of Sosa’s subsequent releases to be better than the last.

I like “Almighty So.” It was okay when I first listened to the project, but it continued to grow on me. But I won’t go as far as to say it is his best work.

But “Almighty So,” hosted by DJ Scream, does have a few decent tracks. Sosa gets his listeners amp for the mixtape in the intro track, repeatedly rapping, “Turn up.”

Chief Keef is “In Love With The Gwop.” This is evident as he is photoed on his mixtape cover counting bankrolls. This track has a sing songy feel to it.

I like the production on “Young Rambos.” The only problem with the track is the studio quality was subpar because I couldn’t understand Keef at times.

Sosa linked with Tadoe for songs “Me” and “Self.”

Many fans have wondered why Chief Keef won’t go back to his old “Bang” self. Sosa addresses this in “Self,” rapping, “They want that old Sosa/For what doe/That’s a crazy low down dirty cut throat.”

Another track worth a listen is “Nice.” Sosa discusses the luxuries his wealth has afforded him. Sosa even adds a dab of auto tune in this one.

I also liked Sosa’s use of auto tune in “I Kno.” The auto tune meshed well with the melody, but this is another track where I can’t understand a word Keef was saying.

I am surprised that a few tracks that Sosa shot visuals for didn’t make it onto the project, including “Love No Thotties,” “Ight Doe” and “Thought He Was.”

As stated earlier, “Almighty So” is worth a listen, but it is by far not Sosa’s best work.

I am starting to think Chief Keef has something big in store for his next studio album. He may be saving his best work for that project.

I believe when it’s all said and done, Chief Keef will return to doing the music he was originally doing. He is at an age where he is trying to find himself. Despite his grown ways, people tend to forget Chief Keef is still a teenager.

I feel Keef’s best work comes when he collaborates with Young Chop. Before Chief Keef’s deal, Chop was a fixture in the GBE camp.

I will never understand why these two decided to part ways, but the underlying root of everything is money. Perhaps, Young Chop felt he deserved a bigger pay off.

Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. But I’ll be the first to say that Young Chop’s beats sound very subpar when another artist raps on it. Young Chop will not grow as a producer if he doesn’t have an active role in the GBE camp. And Chief Keef will not continue his dominance if he doesn’t link with Young Chop.

Young Chop shouldn’t go as far as to think he is the sole reason for Chief Keef’s success. But Chief Keef shouldn’t think he doesn’t need Young Chop.

A part of Chief Keef’s soul awakens when he hops on a Young Chop production.

The problem is everyone wants to be the chief. There can only be one chief in GBE. Chief Keef has that role. With that said, everyone else needs to play their role if they want to be the most dominating rap group in the world.

GBE needs to keep their formula intact.

I have a few words of advice for Chief Keef. First, he needs to record in an actual studio.

He needs to rid himself of “yes men” that he associates with. He needs to surround himself around people who will actually give him some constructive criticism. He also needs to not get angry when someone is attempting to tell him something right.

If Chief Keef wants longevity in the rap game, he needs to stay healthy. He needs to stay away from Lean and any other “hard” drugs he may be doing. At the end of the day, he needs to be around to take care of his daughter.

He needs to stay out of trouble and out of jail. His time away from the rap scene makes it possible for another rapper to come in and take his spot.

Another major piece of advice: No lackin. Stay away from the snakes.

And the most important advice: Have fun with the music.

With that said, I am very anxious to hear Sosa’s next project. I know he has some bangers in store.

– Reviewed by Alphalpha.

Alphalpha is a self-professed Hip Hop and R&B geek and a music reviewer for

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