Chief Keef Caught Lackin By A Supa Savage

Chief Keef really enjoys his video games. Sosa has even taken a liking to Virtual Reality. Sosa recently linked with Noisey Vice to play Resident Evil 7 On Playstation VR. Sosa suffered a scare after a zombie caught him lacking while playing.

Chief Keef took a liking to Virtual Reality after trying VR Adventures. VR Adventures bills itself as “cutting edge and never-before-seen immersive experience that plunges guests into a three-dimensional virtual world.”

Guests are thrust into a virtual reality world after putting on goggles developed by Facebook.

VR Adventures offers gamers “four unique experiences,” including “Screaming Skydive,” “Soaring Superhero,” “House Of Horrors” and “Fly N’ Shoot.”

Sosa must love horror games because he played the VR “House of Horrors.”