Chief Keef Announces New Mixtape ‘Two Zero One Seven’


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Chief Keef warned rival rappers he was coming for them in 2017 during a concert performance at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA.

Sosa has released the artwork for his upcoming mixtape “Two Zero One Seven.” The caption on his IG post read, “NECKS. JAN1$T.”

Sosa is specifically targeting the “booty shaking” rappers. Sosa was so passionate about his hatred towards these rappers he stopped his show to issue a statement.

“I just wanna let everybody know. They say they want that old Sosa back. All that clown s**t. 2017, I’m coming,” he said. “All these f****t ass n****s rapping today, shaking they booties and all that gay ass s**t. On BD. In 2017, that’s how long they got on my uncle. On my kids, on blood. On Cap grave. 2017, all these f*****s ass blonde head, pecan, orange… Let em finish shaking they ass. They can finish shaking booties. All that f****t ass s**t is ending in 2017. I swear on my dead homies. I finna come back and go crazy.”