Chicago Underground Artist Rico Recklezz Drops ‘Not You’ Official Music Video From ‘Realer Than Wordz’ Mixtape

Chicago artist Rico Recklezz is back with a new single from his hot “Realer Than Wordz” mixtape.

Rico Recklezz released his latest music video for new single “Not You.”

Shot by LoKoVisions, the video takes place inside a parking garage. The video even features a cameo appearance from M.I.C. rapper I.L. Will.

In “Not You,” Rico Recklezz raps, “All that shit that you rap about, is not you/ I will click, clack, aim, now your heart is not in you/Rico Recklezz, I’m not on mute/ You hear me bitch, I spit the truth/ Smokin kush in the booth”

Head over to Live Mixtapes to download ‘Realer Than Wordz’ by clicking here.

Check out Rico Recklezz ‘Not You’ below