Chicago Teen ‘Puts In Work’ On Bully in After-School Fight

With Chicago rapper Lil JoJo’s “Put In Work” song playing in the background, a Chicago teen follows and taunts another young man walking home from school.

The aggressor, a Black Disciple gang member, can be heard calling the other young man “lover boy” in their confrontation. Words were exchanged and the young man dressed in blue took off his hat and tackled the other young man in the street.

The two soon got another round in and the Black Disciple member again was tackled to the ground.

Upon getting up, the black disciple gang member can be heard saying, “You dead ni**a. On BD, you hit like a b*tch, too.”

The two fight once more, but a few responsible adults later break up the fight.

Hopefully, these two settled their differences. Though we don’t condone violence, a fistfight is better than gun violence.

Check out the video below