Chicago Rapper Lil’ Mouse Calls Barack Obama an ‘inspiration’ to Young Black Men

Chicago “Get Smoked” artist Lil’ Mouse is proud to call Barack Obama his president. The 13-year-old rap phenom took to Twitter to call the nation’s President an ‘inspiration.’

“CHICAGO Winning Lil Mouse @lildurk_ @ChiefKeef and #Salute To BARACK OBAMA for giving a young black man inspiration #HellaBandz,” he wrote.

President Obama made history Tuesday night after he became the first African American president to become re-elected for the presidency after defeating Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Chicago natives, like Lil’ Mouse, were especially excited to see Obama win since he spent most of his political career in the Windy City.

Lil’ Mouse wrote a very profound statement. What does Barack Obama’s reign as president mean for young black men? Sound off below.

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